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Eric Albert, LMHC is a counselor in the Boston area who can help you deepen the emotional and physical intimacy of your relationship.

Relational Heroism

Many relationships are one moment away from getting unstuck and coming back to connection. But it’s a moment, as Bruce Springsteen sings, “that just don’t come.” What keeps people paralyzed?

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Making Your Vibrator Really Hum

The Magic Wand is often touted as one of the top vibrators for sexual use, and rightly so. Now there’s a way to make it even better.

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Advice You Won’t Get from Any Other Therapist

I spend a lot of time thinking about my clients, and I summarize my ideas in weekly progress notes. To minimize wear and tear on my wrists, I dictate to a voice-input program on my computer. This type of software … Continue reading

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Scorpion Praise

Here’s the kind of thing I often hear in my office: “He took me out to this funky tapas bar for our anniversary. It was so sweet! Of course, I had to remind him three times the week before.” Another … Continue reading

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Welcome to My Blog

Here’s a list of some of the topics I plan to post about. Did I miss one you’re interested in? Leave a comment and let me know. My counseling work is based on collaborative feedback, and so is this blog. … Continue reading

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