What I’m Like Personally

I’m warm and friendly, soft-spoken, smart, serious but rarely solemn, and interested in everything and everyone, including you. I hope you’ll find me compassionate, connected, and, on a good day, wise.

I’m an extrovert (which, believe it or not, is unusual in my field) so I look forward to sessions and enjoy them greatly. Some therapists worry about burnout, but for me it’s just the opposite: seeing clients raises my energy level. You’ll benefit by having a therapist who’s alert and engaged.

I’m mild-mannered and cheerful, so people often think I’m laid-back, but I’m actually quite focused. You’ll see this in how hard I work outside of sessions. Don’t be surprised if I bring in exercises, handouts, and research summaries written just for you.

I speak plainly and don’t “sound like a therapist.” I won’t throw around diagnoses, or point out that you’re libidinally cathecting objects (unless that’s your idea of a good time). I often use humor, and have a soft spot for affectionate teasing.

Some personal information:

  • I have a son who majored in math, minored in physics, and now has a tech job in the Midwest
  • I have a step-daughter who’s a teacher, with three young daughters of her own
  • I have a wonderful sweetie who’s a professional musician, which means I attend more baroque operas than a normal person would
  • We share our home with Jack (the timid tabby with the big heart), Mallory (the tiny tuxedo with the enormous personality), Bounty (the cairn terrorist with the endless energy), and thousands of books
  • I love reading, movies, and a wide variety of popular music
  • I’ve had previous careers as a computer scientist and a crossword-puzzle constructor
  • I’ve been a huge Celtics fan for 30 years