Better Sex

Our culture provides a one-size-fits-all vision of sex: instant passion, frantic coupling, then mutual bliss in one effortless progression. Real life is more complex. Good sex differs for each person, and for each relationship. Let’s work together to craft a sexual connection that’s just right for you.

Sex is bad and you want it to be better

Is your sexual relationship suffering? The issue may be different levels of desire, or that one of you has lost interest completely. It could be erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. The inability to easily experience strong, reliable orgasms can lead to frustration. Sexual secrets, such as pornography use, unconventional turn-ons, orientation differences, and affairs, can challenge your relationship.

A place to start is improving overall communication and connection. This is especially true if trust must be rebuilt because one of you feels betrayed or has an abuse history. As your relationship warms up,  sexual intimacy can be restored.

Sex is good and you want it to be great

There’s more to sex, much more, than adequate functioning. A rich world awaits, with astounding depth, power, and beauty.

What calls to you? Let’s explore the possibilities of integrating new experiences in a way that’s safe, respectful, and mutual. Whether you seek information about particular techniques and technology, or a wide-ranging exploration of sexual meaning itself, bring all your voices to a space where sex can be discussed honestly, explicitly, and comfortably.

Let’s get started!

Call me at 617-969-8869 for a free consultation about how your sex life can be warm and hot. My practice is by video for now. You can connect from any computer, tablet or cell phone in privacy and safety. We’re all in this together.