My Approach to Counseling

Every counselor has a different approach, so it’s important to find someone who’s a great fit for you.  Here’s what to expect from our work together:

  • Quick progress. The sooner your relationship warms up, the better. We won’t dwell on your history or childhood — just on what you need to do to turn things around.
  • A focus on the positive. Slogging through problems makes them feel bigger. Instead, we’ll use your strengths to take practical steps toward the shared future you long for.
  • Experience and expertise. Most counselors focus on individuals, and see a few couples on the side. Relationships are all I do, and you’ll appreciate the difference.
  • Acceptance. People in pain do hurtful things. Blame and shame just keep you stuck. The question isn’t “Who’s right?” but “How do we make this work?”
  • Structure. Partners disagree–that’s normal. But when things feel out of control, productive talks become impossible. Here, all you have to say will be safely heard.
  • Support to stick it out. You’re together for a reason, even if it’s sometimes hard to remember why. Outside optimism is important till you get back on your feet.

Let’s get started!

Call me at 617-969-8869 for a free consultation about how your relationship can once again feel warm and intimate.