Building Connection

“How can we rebuild our connection?”

Relationships are wonderful when they’re working, and excruciating when they’re not. Warmth and intimacy turn to frustration, and conflict erupts. Or maybe there’s just tears and silence as you drift apart. You wonder, “Can we ever feel close again?”

Yes, you can! It’s normal for relationships to get stuck, but stuck doesn’t mean broken. Some experienced guidance and a bit of encouragement will get you back on track.

What to expect when you work with me

  • Quick progress. The sooner your  relationship warms up, the better. We won’t spend time on your history or childhood — just on what you need to do to turn things around.
  • Positive suggestions. Dwelling on problems expands them. We’ll focus instead on using your strengths to take practical steps toward the shared future you long for.
  • A customized approach. Counseling shouldn’t be “one size fits all.” Your feedback each session will guide us, so you get the kind of help that’s just right for you.
  • No blame or shame. People in pain do hurtful things. The question isn’t “Who’s right?” but “How do we make this work?” We’ll find a way for each of you to move on.
  • Structure. Partners disagree–that’s normal. But when things get out of control, productive talks become impossible. Here, all you have to say will be safely heard.
  • Support to stick it out. You’re together for a reason, even if it’s sometimes hard to remember why. Outside optimism is important till you get back on your feet.

Let’s get started!

Call me at 617-969-8869 for a free consultation about how your relationship can once again feel warm and intimate.